Any break from school disrupts learning, no doubt about it. However, parent involvement activities helps overcome the backsliding. Learn more about Backsliding challenges, suggestions, and a CoolSpeak Parent’s Workshop to enhance learning opportunities.

First noticed in the summer over a longer break, the phenomenon called “summer slide” is a rising issue in the education community worldwide at any time when the momentum of education is broken up. It even happens during a shorter break like Winter Break, or over the holidays. Of particular concern is the slide seen in economically disadvantaged children compared to their more affluent peers. It’s not enough to keep your child entertained and engaged during a welcome and healthy academic vacation. If your child is displaying this dynamic, don’t wait to take action.

What exactly is this slide and why does it matter?

For many children, taking a long break translates into backsliding when it comes to important study material that should have been retained and understood. Facts, methods and study habits simply evaporate in the relaxing glow of summer. For some students, picking up the pace again after the vacation break – or any long absence – presents a steep challenge. The last thing parents want is to see their kids fall behind.

What can parents do?

  1. Don’t think you can do this parenting thing by yourself!  It really does take a village. Surround yourself with those who appreciate a team effort and know you’re doing a good job with your children.
  2. There are plenty of resources available to help you. But you have to be comfortable asking for and getting those resources. Sometimes, it’s not enough to just read a book. You may need guidance and a face-to-face workshop to help make a difference.

Parent Involvement Activities

Parent involvement activities include a myriad of options. Creating fun learning all year long is a lifesaver for children. Simple tasks such as grocery shopping have a built-in learning potential. Can your young child write up a grocery list? Make a running tally of price tags while you shop, add it up and see if the cashier total is similar? Read ingredients out loud to you when you buy packaged goods? Ask your child to figure out how much tip to leave while at dinner.

When the food comes home, learning how to cook exercises mental muscles, too.  Reading recipes, learning how to measure, getting confident and safe around the stove and kitchen knives and dividing food into appropriate portions by eye are all good brain-training.

However, what about the older children who still need parent involvement activities to thrive? CoolSpeak’s Ernesto Mejia suggests encouraging a learning mindset. CoolSpeak’s Parent Workshop provides valuable information, techniques, and training.

  • The Parent Challenge (also available in Spanish). The most difficult job in the world that comes with the least amount of training is that of a parent. This CoolSpeak workshop teaches parents some healthy habits to create a happier, and more productive household. Parent involvement activities give you the tools you need to raise children into productive adults.

How can books help?

Reading for fun is one of the most powerful tools to empower children for life. Depending on the age of the child, you may ask your son or daughter read aloud to you, allowing you to admire their progress and help motivate reading – while also learning more about what interests your child. It’s OK to find books that are easy for your child, but be careful not to jump back a grade level or two. Librarians can help match the book to the child.

Whether reading a book together or walking through the market, your attention and respect for your kid’s learning can be the magic bullet to stop backsliding during a break. If you have questions about how to enrich the lives of your child or a community of children, reach out to us. We have a deep knowledge of programs and strategies to keep kids motivated and caring about their futures.

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