Teaching is the art of making students believe in themselves. Motivating students to believe is often at the heart of a student’s success. Show me a student who believes in themselves, and I will show you a student who is in charge of their learning. Ultimately, when a student believes in themselves and finds success, they’ll never want to let go of that feeling. Students learn differently, so they’re going to be motivated to learn in a style that is uniquely their own. The single most important thing that can happen, then, is to be sure students reach down deep to find their true voice, their true passion, and follow that in their learning. Sounds easy, right? It’s not. It requires deep commitment on the part of the teacher and the student, and will only succeed if a truly trusting relationship is established. To build trust requires a deeply meaningful and symbiotic team effort.

Students come in all shapes and sizes, quite literally. Don’t be mistaken to think that there are easy students and difficult students; to reach the absolute maximum with students requires extreme dedication for both the teacher and the student no matter at what level a student is coming in at. To truly motivate a student is to take a very important stance – everybody from the highest reader to the developing writer has an ability deep within them that needs to be brought forth. Motivation, therefore, is the great equalizer.

The key to developing a relationship built on motivation is to continually highlight the successes. Even if they are buried, there’s a treasure in there. True, sometimes successes are not as obvious. In that case, why not ask the student to list the successful moments they have experienced during the day, week, or year? Even if you don’t agree with their assessment, what a wonderful opportunity to build a key partnership.

Most importantly from a motivational perspective, success needs to be communicated. The biggest stakeholder in a student’s life is their parent or guardian, so to truly expand on motivational successes, keep parents informed through conferences, phone calls, emails and any other technology your school adopts. Remember, the more people you can motivate who are involved in a student’s life, the more they will be motivated in their own.

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