When it comes to holiday gift ideas for teachers, give them gifts they really want. While a coffee mug with the cute teacher sayings on them is a simple choice, most teachers already use them as containers for pens, pencils, and scissors. Teachers have a plethora of hand and body lotions or hand sanitizers, so think outside the box and be creative with gifts teachers really want.

  • Gift Cards are a great option because teachers can go buy what they want or could use. However, you’ll want to avoid the more common cards like from popular coffee shops. Some teachers don’t drink coffee. Great ideas for cards might be from craft and hobby shops if teachers are known to enjoy creating things with their hands or a gift card to a spa for a massage or to a movie theater to watch a new release. How about a gift card to a teacher store? If you know what some of the teacher’s favorite stores are, you can get a gift card from one of those stores.
  • Creative Gift Baskets that are filled with the teacher’s favorite things is a perfect idea. Have your child’s teacher fill out an interest inventory that asks them to list their favorite things. Ask what their favorite candy, drinks, scents, sports teams, clothes and whatever else you can think of. Then head to the craft store and pick up a pretty basket to fill with favorite items on the list.
  • Date Nights are a fun gift for teachers who are in relationships. You need to know if they’re in a relationship first, of course, but you could provide gift cards, movies, popcorn, drinks or other items that would allow your child’s teacher a night out on the town.
  • Flowers or plants are beautiful and thoughtful gifts to give teachers. Sometimes just receiving a beautiful bouquet warms hearts and makes the recipient feel special. Why not show your teacher how special they are with a thoughtful gift of nature?
  • A Card – Putting a heartfelt message in writing is often way better than any gift.

Blessing teachers with holiday gifts are always appreciated no matter if they already have a closet full of the same gifts, but when you think outside of the box, you can make gift-giving unique and memorable for the teachers in your family’s life.

CoolSpeak wishes you all happy holidays and happy new year!