CoolSpeak Carlos Ojeda Jr Gear Up College Readiness

CoolSpeak Carlos Ojeda Jr Gear Up College Readiness

You can do a lot as a high school student to prepare for college. For example, you can study for standardized tests and choose places to apply that would be good fits. Additionally, organizing your finances can help make college affordable. However, it’s a Gear Up mindset that will really drive success in your transition from high school to college readiness.

Standardized Test Preparation

Many resources can help you prepare for standardized tests both online and offline. Online, there are practice tests, study guides, and training videos. Various sites offer these, and some resources are free. Offline options include books and courses. Books have practice tests and test information. Companies such as Kaplan offer courses and tutoring to help you prepare.

Choosing Where to Apply

Knowing what kind of colleges you want to apply to helps narrow down your choices. Do you want to go to a large school or a small school? Large schools often have more resources and programs. The environment at small schools is more intimate and class sizes will be smaller. Some schools have a very active sports and social atmosphere. Others have a more academic focus. Depending on your preferences, tailor your college search process. Additionally, applying to colleges you are likely to get into will save you time.

Organizing Your Finances

Being organized with your finances will make applying for financial aid easier. Work with your parents to determine what your family is able to afford. If you have savings, putting it towards college is a great investment. Most families will need to take out loans. Figuring out how much you and your parents are willing to borrow will help you prepare. Consider applying to schools where there are scholarships and grants you may get, too.

Gear Up College Readiness

The CoolSpeak Get In Gear College Readiness Program guides students through a process of discovering educational options that will help them uncover and follow their passion.  Get In Gear delivers an interactive experience where students discover practical tools to continue their education post high school, reinforce self-efficacy and better plan for their future by understanding the steps necessary to get to college.

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