As any teacher knows, mastering the art of teaching is a never-ending quest. Every new group of students presents new challenges; every change in procedure requires a new set of skills. It’s easy for teachers to get caught up in the whirlwind of classroom management and curriculum development and lose sight of what drew them to teaching in the first place. But if we want our teachers to inspire our students, we must first inspire our teachers. Gain fresh insight with a teacher professional development conference that brings the motivation back to education.

A Break from Routine

Teacher Professional Development workshops and conferences give teachers the much-needed opportunity to take a break from the day-to-day teaching routine. It allows them the rare chance to step back from their work and assess where they are in their teaching career: mentally, physically, and emotionally. Just like a football team needs the occasional time-out to regroup, or a theater troupe needs an intermission to change scenery, teachers also need a few hours OR DAYS out of a busy school year to gain some perspective on their professional plans and goals.

New Strategies and Inspiration

At a teacher professional development workshop, motivational speakers and other teaching specialists use the time to inspire, motivate, and encourage teachers with engaging activities, humorous stories, and thought-provoking questions that will get teachers’ mental gears turning with ways they can improve their teaching methods and better reach their students. Educators will go back into their classrooms with a renewed sense of purpose, and an excitement to implement what they’ve learned.

Valuable Connections

teacher professional development - ENGAGEJust like people need people, teachers need teachers! While lunchtime and coffee breaks are great times to steal a few minutes to chat with colleagues, it’s simply not enough time for teachers to truly connect with other teachers on the issues that matter most. Professional development workshops provide not only the time, but also the positive, comfortable environment for teachers to open up to one another and create strong professional relationships that will benefit not only them, but the entire school community.

While planning and executing such a workshop for your faculty might feel overwhelming, many companies like CoolSpeak make it easy to get started. CoolSpeak offers a comprehensive program and talent pool of a variety of teacher professional development speakers to choose from, based on your school’s specific needs.

Teacher professional development workshops foster inspired teachers. Inspired teachers foster engaged students.

ENGAGE: Teacher Professional Development Conference

CoolSpeak is proud to present ENGAGE – A Youth Engagement and Teacher Professional Development Conference.

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