Parents, here’s a sample daily homeschool schedule families could follow now that schools will be closed for at least a couple weeks.

Daily Habits

Considering that approximately 40% of our days are composed of habits, let’s help our families get off to some great habits as our students transition to online learning at home.

While your children may say what my college freshman just said: “Yeah, I’m not doing most of those things.” Well, they might have to once they find out what the consequences are otherwise.

Consequences can be simple since we know what they love most – their electronics. So, cell phones, TV and video games are off the table until ALL morning tasks have been completed. They are also off-limits until homework and other tasks have been completed. Once done, they are free to have their devices back.

Parents, please remember that our children do what we allow them to do. While it’s going to be challenging for all it’s something that can be done if we stick to our habits and celebrate our victories along the way.

Proposed Daily Schedule

Mornings Upon Waking

  • Wake up at reasonable time
  • Make bed
  • Brush teeth
  • Clean your room
  • Eat breakfast
  • 60 minutes of homework/online learning, reading, coloring (w/out electronics)

After Lunch

  • 15 minutes of house chores – give them a list of chores and let them pick
  • 30 minutes of physical activities – try these exercises with your kids
  • 60 minutes of homework/online learning, reading, coloring (w/out electronics)
  • Watch an educational or informational video – Netflix has 150+ educational shows. Pick one per day.
  • 10-minute talk with an adult. In-person, via phone, or via computer. Talk about how life was when they were your age.

Dinner Time

  • Help prepare and/or clean up dinner
  • Family time without electronics
  • 30 minutes of homework/online learning, reading, coloring (w/out electronics)
  • Send an uplifting message to a different person each day –  Nursing homes are not allowed visitors. They would appreciate a card or letter.
  • Journal 3 positives you saw or experienced throughout the day

Extra Activities

Remote Work for Parents

Many parents are working from home (remote). Let your children see that you too need to follow a daily homeschool schedule to accomplish your daily tasks. Encourage them to do their work assignments when you are getting your work done.  If they are much younger, you may need to alternate schedules to assist them with the work.

Exercise and Find “Me” Time

Whenever possible try get outside for some fresh air too… that’s for both parents and children.  We’re not sure how long quarantine efforts might last, so let’s get into good habits from the very beginning.  Frustrations and cabin-fever can quickly escalate, so setting boundaries from the very beginning is essential – especially if you have several children. (We’ve all been there!)

Best Health & Safety Practices

Remember to be safe, wash hands often, practice social distancing, and have a talk about cleanliness and house rules.

I’ll be going into more detail and provide more ideas and suggestions over the course of the week but this is the foundation of what might help the new daily homeschool schedule.

We wish you all a wonderful schooling from home experience.

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~ Ernesto Mejia


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