Setting goals – How about a speaker who specializes in setting goals? Considering how the mere idea of setting goals can kick-start mild terror in most students, a speaker who can drive home some good goal-oriented habits is a wise investment. Introducing techniques for maintaining goals is the best way to help students hone their intelligence for long-term success.

Male and female empowerment – There are few better topics for young students than gender empowerment. As gender expression is so crucial to forming one’s identity, it’s important that students learn to resist the stereotypes that can harm their sense of self.

Cultural competency and inclusion – What better way to prepare students for a diverse and colorful world than by introducing a speaker who specializes in cultural learning? Not only is cultural literacy an important part of an individual’s identity, it’s just the kind of awareness that the world could use. When students are armed with the knowledge of inclusion, they are prepared to combat the prejudices that make our world less safe.

Resiliency – It’s no secret that students today face challenges that range from new to timeless. Resiliency is the perfect topic to bring to students. It fits the bill for everything from college application woes to relationship troubles. Introducing students to a speaker with a story is a great way to inspire them to keep going.

College-Prep – Sometimes having another person’s perspective can help go a long way. High school guidance counselors, teachers and administrators are great resources for students.  But just like many parents experience, if you say it, they may not “get it” until someone from the outside shares their story or insight.  And then, boom – they get it! A Youth Motivational Speaker can discuss a wide variety of college-prep areas from writing a great college essay to future career planning.  Plus, they help make the message fun and engaging!

Okay. You’ve got your topics. So where are you going to find your speaker? CoolSpeak can help! 

Our CoolSpeak Speakers deliver talks on these topics and far more, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your class or other youth group. Together we can inspire students to reach their best success. Contact us below to explore your options..

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