Jump Start #BTS2017

CoolSpeak launches National JumpStart Week
Back to School Speaker

CoolSpeak, the nation’s leading youth engagement company, is proud to announce the launch of National JumpStart Week from Monday, September 11 – Friday, September 15, 2017.  CoolSpeak Speakers will select schools from all across the country and provide FREE presentations to help JumpStart students, teachers, and staff into a great school year.

“National JumpStart Week is our effort to give back to communities that have made an impact in our lives. CoolSpeak Speakers are committed to being a positive resource and help create the spark needed to encourage learning and growth in today’s youth,” states Carlos Ojeda, Jr., CoolSpeak Visionary and Co-Founder.

We’ll take care of everything… all you need to do is gather your students, teachers and staff.  Leave the rest to us!

Join us in the CoolSpeak JumpStart Back-To-School Movement!

CoolSpeak is the nation’s leading youth engagement company. Since 2009, we deliver unique speakers, programs, events, books and resources designed to keep students inspired, parents involved, and teachers engaged.

CoolSpeak Puts the Motivation Back into Education!™   

NOTE: Once your speaker arrives, take pictures and ask your students, teachers, and staff to use these hashtags in your social media!  #CoolSpeak #JumpStart #BTS2017

If you would like to JumpStart your Back-to-School efforts, but your school wasn’t selected as a part of National JumpStart Week, you can also book a CoolSpeak Speaker.  September is a great month to motivate your students into a great year!

Call 888-300-1880 or fill out this form to JumpStart your 2017-2018 school year with CoolSpeak! 

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Choosing the Right Youth Motivational Speaker

How to Choose the Right Youth Motivational Speaker?

Motivational speaking is a crucial resource for student achievement. One talk may be exactly what a student needs to push through tough times or kick-start their passion. Of course, the question remains – how do you choose the best youth motivational speaker or topic for your students?

Setting goals – How about a youth motivational speaker who specializes in setting goals? Considering how the mere idea of setting goals can kick-start mild terror in most students, a speaker who can drive home some good goal-oriented habits is a wise investment. Introducing techniques for maintaining goals is the best way to help students hone their intelligence for long-term success.

Male and female empowerment – There are few better topics for young students than gender empowerment. As gender expression is so crucial to forming one’s identity, it’s important that students learn to resist the stereotypes that can harm their sense of self.

Cultural competency and inclusion – What better way to prepare students for a diverse and colorful world than by introducing a speaker who specializes in cultural learning? Not only is cultural literacy an important part of an individual’s identity, it’s just the kind of awareness that the world could use. When students are armed with the knowledge of inclusion, they are prepared to combat the prejudices that make our world less safe.

Resiliency – It’s no secret that students today face challenges that range from new to timeless. Resiliency is the perfect topic to bring to students. It fits the bill for everything from college application woes to relationship troubles. Introducing students to a speaker with a story is a great way to inspire them to keep going.

Okay. You’ve got a few topics. So where are you going to find your youth motivational speaker?

Get in touch with us! CoolSpeak Speakers deliver talks on these topics and far more, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your class, school, or other youth group. Together we can inspire students to reach their best success.

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CoolSpeak – We put the Motivation back into Education.  CoolSpeak is the nation’s leading youth engagement company. Since 2009, we deliver unique speakers, programs, events, books and products designed to keep students inspired, parents involved, and teachers engaged.