Reforming Summer Program High School Students

Reforming Summer Programs for High School Students

It’s the first day of summer and that means… Summer Vacation! Students yearn for it, and yet so often they drift, slip backwards in their educational competencies in something researchers call the “summer slide;” and sometimes even get into serious trouble. For many youth, summer programs for high school students are the lifeline that keeps them trying new experiences and stretching their skills.

But summer programs can offer an even more powerful and rewarding experience for high school students. Whether a camper or a counselor, a high school student in camp can forge a deeper connection to their values and dreams.

As the summer season gets underway, we want to encourage organizations, camp directors and parents to look at camp programs and ask…

  • Is this summer camp the best it can be for the teens who need it most?
  • Is your summer camp program doing justice to the high school students who signed up?
  • Are you navigating the challenges of cultural diversity or using the same camp curriculum without thought or care?
  • Are the campers exercising independence in a new context?
  • Are they growing as individuals and learning how to be a catalyst for positive change?

Many camps neglect to ask the campers themselves about their experiences beyond a low bar such as “fun.” But we all know camp can offer so much more. Especially when spending extended time away from home, and building skills around different interests, summer programs for high school students can and should offer meaningful and inspirational opportunities for change in a child’s life. We are talking about comprehensive change, a move to become a better person in the context of the camp community and in life going forward.

At CoolSpeak, we have a proud track record working with school districts, organizations such as GEAR UP, and independent camps and schools. We put together a custom camp program for your organization, on short notice or with extraordinary care for next year’s season. Schedule us for a week or just a couple of days. There are plenty of options to fit your needs, timeline, and budget.

We also shift the course of your current camp summer program. Our experienced, skilled CoolSpeak speakers can come in now to offer a presentation to campers and counselors alike that will motivate all the participants to develop skills to shape the future they want to see. Campers will come away with life strategies to cultivate internal motivation, improve emotional intelligence, and enhance critical thinking skills that will serve them in any situation.

Take action! Reach out to us to learn more about how to take your summer programs for high school students to the next level with CoolSpeak Programs and CoolSpeak Events. Let’s bring high school campers the powerful confidence and engagement we all know summer camp can deliver.

CoolSpeak – We put the Motivation back into Education. CoolSpeak is the nation’s leading youth engagement company. Since 2009, we deliver unique speakers, programs, events, books and products designed to keep students inspired, parents involved, and teachers engaged.


How to #ThankATeacher – Best Tips & Suggestions from CoolSpeak

This week is National Teachers Appreciation Week. We polled the CoolSpeak team and they were full of great suggestions on how you can honor and celebrate your appreciation for your teachers.  Try any of these suggestions by our CoolSpeak Speakers.  And remember, we can thank our teachers all year round. So if you didn’t get to #ThankATeacher this week, you still have time before the end of the school year!


Joaquín ZihuatanejoVisit Joaquin’s page

  1. Write an acrostic poem that spells out the word teacher down the left-hand side of the page.
  2. Write a letter of appreciation to your teacher using at least five recent vocabulary words.
  3. Make a collage of images and words that state how much you appreciate that teacher and write a paragraph on the back of the collage that explains what the work of art means and what that teacher means to yo

Ernesto Mejia – Visit Ernesto’s page

  1. Write a thank you note letting your teacher know why you appreciate them. Maybe give them a Starbucks gift card or candy with the note.
  2. Have every student write 3 (positive) words that describe a teacher and leave all of the post it notes on the teacher’s desk for him/her to read later.
  3. Wash the teacher’s car and give a gas gift card. (Let another adult know that you’re doing this).
  4. Write a poem or a speech about how that teacher has influenced their class.
  5. Have alumni reach out to their past teachers to show their respect, appreciation, and admiration for what they did for them when they had them as teachers.
  6. Post a picture of the teacher on social media and have students post why the admire the teacher.
  7. Send the teacher flowers with a nice note from the entire class.

Joey Negron – Visit Joey’s page

  1. Say thank you. A simple thank you goes a long way.
  2. Be a good classmate.
  3. Volunteer in class.
  4. Leave a quick/happy/fun note or write on the board (chalk/white) to make your teacher laugh or smile.
  5. Give a small little gift, if possible

Justin Colon – Learn more About CoolSpeak’s Services

  1. Write an appreciation letter or make a video
  2. Volunteer time to help clean the classroom
  3. The class makes a thank-you book
  4. Former students can visit or send a card
  5. The parent of a student could send an appreciation letter


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**Thank you Teachers, Staff, and Administration! Much love, CoolSpeak**

CoolSpeak speaker Carlos Ojeda Jr. speaking to students at the USHLI Student Leadership Summit sponsored by McDonald's held at SLCC.

Hispanic Student Leadership Summit Draws Hundreds

More than 1,000 students from area high schools attended…

Inspiration at CoolSpeak’s Power of Youth Camp





Thirteen Montross Middle School students and four chaperones recently attended the GEAR UP sponsored CoolSpeak Leadership camp at Old Dominion University (ODU) on July 25 through July 27, 2015. CoolSpeak is a youth engagement company that provides speakers, programs and events geared toward motivating students and the professionals that guide them. According to CoolSpeak, they strive to provide inspiration so that learning takes place with the fun and inspirational events and allows each student to achieve their highest potential.

The three day program was entitled the “Power of Youth.” The focus of the camp was getting students to access the power that lies within them. By providing students with information and tips on how to access and maximize their power, they are prepared to face the world with confidence. CoolSpeak teaches the students that power is what you say; who you are; what you believe; what you know; what you are worth; who you know; what you do; what you say; and how you use it.

From the first moments upon arrival at ODU, the students were thrust into a fast paced learning environment beginning with a tour of the campus. All the students and counselors were then placed into their “family” unit. You stayed with your family for all activities. This is a good way to see how you can learn among others and develop leadership skills.   Students and chaperones participated on such team building efforts as “Walking on a Volcano,” Hula Hoop circle, the Maze, Trust Circle, Pawnshop, and the building and tearing down of “The Mountain.” Each family also kicked off the first evening with presenting a skit for the groups.

Some of the exercises, like “The Mountain,” allowed students to explore the negative things that have happened to them in life and get rid of those feelings. This powerful exercise had a group of 150 students silently listening to the words and feelings of the lead facilitator, Carlos Ojeda, Jr. Mr. Ojeda and his dynamic team were blunt, funny, exciting, and powerful in their presentations to the youth. Among his CoolSpeak team was a former professional football player, a Harlem Globetrotter, a WWE wrestler, a couple of poets, and a writer. Additionally, on day three, some ODU students came and answered questions about attending college.

A highlight of the sessions was an evening game show on Sunday night. Students and chaperones went to a small center off campus where CoolSpeak had hired a professional group to come and do a dynamic game show themed program for the students. Complete with pulsating music, flashing lights, a dance floor, and seats for the audience, students competed for cash prizes while answering questions about college admissions, general math and science questions, and music video information.

Students were encouraged to write an “I AM” poem. Many of the students then presented their poems to the assembled students. After the tearing down of the Mountain, students were then asked to put down one word on the back of each of the poems that all the students had done. Students could then take this positive memento home with them to remind themselves of how important they are in this world of youth power.

Throughout the days at the camp, students were encouraged to use their journals. After they get home, they can use these as a point of reference and reminder of the skills that they had gained during the sessions.

Montross Middle School students who attended the camp included Gage Anderson, Will Bankhead, Adrianna Carter, Nekya Day, Jody Dean, Tenelle Fisher, Anthony Jones, Celene King, Diego Ramos, Craig Shepherd, Hazen Shryock, Tinya Thompson, and Aniyah Wise. Chaperones included Patty Long, Gear UP Director, Mary Jones, MMS, Stan Schoppe, W&L, and Aaron Sova, MMS.

Among the information shared by CoolSpeak was the great statement of what you believe about yourself. As Mr. Ojeda noted “Henry Ford is credited with saying, “whether you think you can, or think you can’t- you’re right.” Beliefs are powerful. Knowing what you believe can help you overcome stereotypes, bias and misconceptions. Believing in yourself can help you overcome the stereotypes, bias, and misconceptions people place on you and give you the power to overcome.”

This exceptional camp opportunity was made available to the Montross Middle School GEAR UP cohort by GEAR UP Virginia and SCHEV, the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.

By Patty Kelly Long


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