As in any career, teachers need professional development to keep them at the top of their field. Sometimes it feels like they’re in the trenches, which drains energy and motivation.

We want to keep our teachers empowered, engaged and full of resources to keep students connected and encouraged to learn.

Here are three reasons professional development supports our teachers:

  1. Professional development offers motivation and shows we care. Teachers are in the field because they love what they are doing. However, teaching can be a tough job and is incredibly exhausting. By offering professional development to teachers, we motivate them to keep learning and show them we care about their job satisfaction.
  2. Information is always advancing. Teachers love learning, and the ability to learn new information and techniques is a great opportunity. They are then able to bring that knowledge back to the community, using it to develop and teach our children in the classroom. It keeps them on the cutting edge, allowing them to keep up with academic trends.
  3. Our students deserve it! Our children deserve the best teachers they can get. Investing in professional development for teachers strengthens the entire school system, thereby offering our children all the support possible. Offering teachers professional development doesn’t just help them – it helps the entire school population.

By supporting teachers with professional development opportunities, we are empowering them to do the best they possibly can.

Learn more about ENGAGE: Professional Development for Teachers by CoolSpeak.

If you can’t attend one of these 3 sessions, contact us today to discuss professional development opportunities to best suit your school needs!

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